Getting the Job Done

? IMPROVED COVERAGE: In a recent article in the Jerusalem Post, journalist and commentator Tom Gross (at right) cites HonestReporting as one of the key reasons behind the general improvement in recent media coverage of Israel.

? AFP CORRECTION: In response to HonestReporting’s Oct. 14 communique, Agence France-Presse released an official correction, acknowledging that its Oct. 12 report falsely claimed that the majority of Palestinian casualties from the IDF’s Gaza operation were children.

? WHAT BUSH AND KERRY AGREE ON: HonestReporting on Campus (through its parent body IsraelActivism) has a collection of great hand-outs emphasizing that both George W. Bush and John Kerry consider support for Israel central to their political platforms. It’s not too late to order the hand-outs in time for election day!

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? HONESTREPORTING CANADA RESPONDS TO OUTRAGES: After prominent Canadian Muslim leader (and occasional Globe & Mail columnist) Prof. Mohamed Elmasry repeatedly stated on TV and in print that every adult Israeli citizen is a valid target of Palestinian attacks, and another Canadian Muslim leader delivered lectures calling Jews the ‘brothers of monkeys and swine’, HonestReporting Canada issued an informative communique urging public repudiation of these dangerous, inflammatory statements. HR Canada also called on the Globe & Mail to cease publishing the columns of Prof. Elmasry.

? MISINFORMATION TOUR: In response to a sympathetic Seattle Post-Intelligencer article on the anti-Israel ‘Partners for Peace’ nationwide tour, HR subscriber Josh Basson wrote a letter that was published in the P-I. One of the three ‘Partners for Peace’ speakers denounced Israel’s ‘culture of violence’; another bemoaned ‘the irritation’ of Palestinians who wait at security checkpoints; the third described the ‘massive destruction’ and ‘smell of death’ in the Jenin refugee camp in April 2002. In his letter, Basson corrected the public record on Oslo, Palestinian incitement, and PA terror support.

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? UNRWA’S HAMAS EMPLOYEES: The Oct. 5 HonestReporting communique called for media outlets to take a responsible public stand against the UN Gaza agency bankrolling Hamas members. On Oct. 25, a Chicago Sun-Times staff editorial did just that:

[I]f you’re a terrorist who brutally murders innocents or a sympathizer who supports such crimes, to further some political cause, you can’t be held any less accountable because you help people on your “good” days… It’s bad enough that the UN hasn’t taken a more active role in censuring Palestinian terrorism and recognizing Israel’s legitimate defense needs. To harbor Hamas terrorists or their sympathizers in the name of humanitarian good is a crime in and of itself.

? HR MISSION : The HR team in Jerusalem is eagerly awaiting the arrival of participants on our Leadership Mission to Israel (Nov. 14-21). We’ve recently added to the itinerary a day-long tour of Sderot and the Gaza border, with a briefing from the IDF head of Southern Command.