Goldstone Report in the Clouds

Elder of Ziyon ran the the Goldstone report‘s conclusions and recommendations section through Wordle. It generated a “word cloud” of that section’s 250 most used words. The more a word is used, the larger it appears in the cloud.

Note that “Hamas” – a keyword you’d expect to be significant in such a report’s conclusions and recommendations – is barely legible in this cloud, located on the right hand side above the word “attacks.” (Click on the cloud to view it in full size.)

As Jonathan Dahoah Halevi points out:

The Hamas de-facto administration and its leaders are never accused of responsibility for terrorism and firing rockets. Rather, nebulous “Palestinian armed groups” are responsible. The theme is repeated in the report’s few references to Palestinian terrorism . . . .

The issue of Hamas’ invisible responsibility for war crimes, like many other claims made by the report, shows that it is a masterpiece of deception and manipulation whose only intention is to frame Israel for war crimes and exonerate Hamas.

Also in this communique:

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