Guardian Blogger: Israel Responsible for Mideast Christian Persecution

guardian-magGlassAndrew Brown, religion blogger for The Guardian’s Comment is Free writes about former U.S. President George W. Bush’s speaking engagement at a fundraiser for Messianic Jews.

In his piece, Brown mentions the Christian Evangelical leanings of those British politicians behind the Balfour Declaration. According to him (emphasis added):

without that declaration, there could not have been the Jewish immigration to Palestine that laid the foundations for the state of Israel.

Some people will see this as an example of the destructive craziness of religion, and perhaps it is, but it is also an example of the way in which theology is only powerful and important when it is wrapped up in identity.

Is Brown suggesting that the creation of Israel is the result of “destructive craziness?”

Brown continues:

Because if there is one group that has suffered as a result of the establishment of the state of Israel and its support by Western Christian countries, it is the historic Christians of the Middle East – who are now the victims of persecution throughout the region and scapegoats of an angry nationalism.

Is Brown really claiming that Israel is responsible for the persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East?

Perhaps he would like to explain:

  • Attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt.
  • The mass exodus of Christians from Iraq.
  • State sanctioned persecution of Christians in Iran.
  • Threats to the lives of Syrian Christians from Al-Qaeda.
  • Pressure from Hamas for Gaza Christians to convert to Islam.

There is one common thread linking all of the above and it is not Israel or the Jews.

In fact, there is one country in the Middle East where Christians are doing comparatively well. Can you guess where it is?

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