Guardian Corrects the Error

The Guardian’s latest report on the breakdown of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process contained the following paragraph:


HonestReporting sent an email to The Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent Peter Beaumont and to the readers’ editor pointing out that, contrary to the above claim, the fourth prisoner release was not directly linked to Israeli calls for the PA to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The prisoner release was in fact contingent on an agreement in advance that the Palestinians continue the peace negotiations. The error was also picked up by CiF Watch.

Beaumont and the readers’ editor both responded to HR’s email, explaining that the inaccurate sentence was the result of an editing error. The bottom of the article now includes the following:

• This article was corrected on 3 April 2014. The sentence: But despite the agreement, Netanyahu has refused to release the fourth group of prisoners unless the Palestinian Authority recognises Israel as a Jewish state”, should have said: “Then at the last moment, Netanyahu introduced new conditions for the last group to be released”. The error was made during the editing process.

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