Guardian Deliberately Fails to Correct Error

Only yesterday, I caught Guardian correspondent Harriet Sherwood in yet another of her misguided and erroneous descriptions of the Western Wall as “the holiest site in Judaism”, while promoting the Palestinian narrative of Muslim hegemony over the Temple Mount – Judaism’s actual holiest site.

I immediately sent an email to The Guardian’s reader’s editor demanding a correction, pointing out that while I did not expect The Guardian to stop parroting the Palestinian narrative, I did at least expect factual accuracy.

A correction to the article has been published but it was not what we should have expected:

The American broadcaster Glenn Beck was wrongly described as a born-again Christian in an article about his plans to stage a rally in Jerusalem to show support for Israel. He is a devout Mormon (Facebook protest over US broadcaster’s Israeli rallies, 24 August, page 26).

From this I can only deduce that The Guardian took another look at the article but deemed my complaint to be unimportant. Can The Guardian disgust me any further than it does already?