Guardian Headline Screams Bias

What would you think if you saw this in The Guardian?


A headline referring to discrimination against women in the workplace plus a photo of Benjamin Netanyahu in the Knesset would suggest a serious problem for women’s rights in Israel.

It’s only when you look at the rest of the article that you will see that it includes a selection of rather dry news briefs from the civil services of countries including Canada, India and Pakistan.

But only Israel warrants a sensationalized headline and a photo that bears very little relevance to the non-story at hand.

As for the rights of women in Israel, The Guardian may wish to consider that the issue of gender inequality has arisen in a state comptroller report precisely because Israel takes this seriously. Israel, a state that has had a female prime minister, doesn’t only compare favorably on this issue to its Middle East neighbors (where, for example, women in Saudi Arabia are not even allowed to drive), but also does with other Western liberal democracies.

Yet another example of The Guardian’s unhealthy obsession with reporting anything and everything remotely negative to do with Israel and amplifying it to a wholly disproportionate level.

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