Ha’aretz Illustrates Its Own Bias

If any other newspaper in the world had come up with the following photograph to illustrate the story below, there would be understandable outrage:

According to the story in Ha’aretz (republished from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, which did not include a photo), the aforementioned Tracey Nelson worked for the New York Jewish Federation, yet nowhere is it stated that she is Jewish, let alone an ultra-orthodox male.

Ha’aretz simply illustrated its own bias when it comes to a story involving Jews, theft and money.

Had Ha’aretz bothered to find a photo of the real Tracey Nelson, this is what they would have found in the pages of the New York Daily News and elsewhere:

Need I say more?


Looks like Ha’aretz has been suitably embarrassed. Only an hour or so after HonestReporting published this post, the offending photo has been replaced with the one below:

Someone seems to have been in a bit of a hurry though. I’m not sure the New York Police Department would be pleased to be referred to as the “NYDP”.