Hamas Keeping up with the New Middle East

With huge uprisings against autocratic rule in Egypt, Libya, Tunis and across the Middle East, it’s interesting to see how well the rulers of Gaza understand the demand for democratic reform.

The answer? Not very well at all.

A rally for democratic change in Gaza City was organized through a Facebook post. The leader described it like this:

“We are a group of independent youth. The Egyptian and the Tunisian revolutions moved us and gave us a feeling youth can make a change.

Then he was punched in the head and security forces sent everyone else home.

Coupling their zero tolerance for dissent with intimidation of the press, Hamas showed their true colors while publicly commending the protesters in other countries.

A number of photographers who were invited to cover the event were forced to leave the area after being threatened by the Hamas policemen, the eyewitnesses said.


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