Hamas Fingerprints On Karni Attack

KarniThe Israeli media is abuzz with reports that a failed terror attack on the Karni Crossing last week was masterminded by Hamas. YNet News and Haaretz report that Hamas funded and trained the PRC to carry out this and other attacks. An attempt by the Popular Resistance Committee to detonate a booby trapped truck at the crossing was foiled by PA police on Wednesday (accompanying photo by AFP).

The Jerusalem Post‘s coverage also notes the hypocrisy of targeting Karni:

Government officials noted the irony that while Hamas was warning of a humanitarian disaster inside the Gaza Strip, and while the Palestinian Authority was lobbying the world to pressure Israel to keep the Karni crossing open, Hamas was involved in an attack aimed at blowing up the crossing. Due to numerous terror specific warnings, Karni has been repeatedly opened and closed by Israel since the disengagement from Gaza last year. The closures are often depicted by the PA as collective punishment on the Palestinian people, which relies on the goods transferred through the crossing.

Why haven’t we seen any coverage of the Hamas-PRC connection in the Western media? Were they too busy dealing with more important stories like this?

UPDATE 5/2: BBC, AFP, Xinhua and ZeeNews picked up on this, confirming the info is certainly available to the rest of the media corps.