Have Your Say on HR’s New Website

Welcome to HR’s new website!

We have completely redesigned our site to make it more attractive, easier to navigate, and – most importantly – much more interactive.

The Internet has changed remarkably in the ten years since we launched our original website. Since then, the traffic to our site has grown exponentially, reaching more than a million page views in 2010. Our new site incorporates many new features while continuing to provide the same hard-hitting reports on media bias against Israel.

Take a tour of the site by clicking on the video below.

The new site is designed to give YOU – the community of HonestReporting readers and supporters – more opportunities to make your voices heard.

Every article on the site has a comments section underneath so you can let us know what you think directly on our site. You can also indicate whether or not you agree with comments posted by other members of the community. At the end or every article, you will also see a list of related articles to provide context and deepen your understanding of the issues we are addressing.

While comments sections are common on many websites, we hope our readers will use the section as a forum for conversations about the media bias issues discussed in the articles. We hope readers take advantage of the forum to respond to one another and turn our site into a hub for the community of people who want to see Israel portrayed fairly in the media.

Further down the site, in you will find a brand new feature – the Weekly Question. Each week we will post a question related to current events and open the forum to all of our readers.

The new site also makes it easier to see what other members of the community are reading and commenting on, so you can immediately join the conversation. One the right column, you’ll see a listing of the most popular and commented on posts.

Besides making our site more interactive, we also worked hard to make it more appealing and easier to use. Our most recent content appears on the strip along the main portion of the site. Just below, in the center column you will find our blog, Backspin.

The blog is updated numerous times daily, so be sure to return to the site often to find out what’s new. We also have a new section featuring highlights about Israel published on other sites, helping keep you informed more broadly about the battle for hearts and minds over Israel.

We hope you enjoy our new site as much as we do. With your help, we can make it a powerful home for anyone who cares about Israel’s image in the media.