HonestReporting Hits Weekend with Three Media Appearances

It was a banner week for HonestReporting in the media, with HR Managing Editor Simon Plosker publishing no less than two op-eds on Thursday alone. The following day, the Jerusalem Post singled out HonestReporting for praise for its work on behalf of HR’s image abroad.

Plosker’s op-ed in the Times of Israel examined the media’s initial silence over anti-Semitic comments from Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi before he was elected to office:

How can the media and ultimately the public, possibly begin to understand the currents within the Arab world when only statements from Arab politicians made in English to an international audience are reported? All too often, what is said, broadcast or written in Arabic bears no relation to the statements specifically aimed for western consumption.

Plosker’s other op-ed in The Commentator revealed trends in media coverage of Israel as the Palestinians impose a strategy of low-level violence against Israeli soldiers and West Bank residents.

Finally, Jerusalem Post columnist Barry Shaw looked at Israel’s government failures in the area of public diplomacy, concluding that the best effort is being carried out by independent organizations like HonestReporting.

Look instead at the private NGOs that are battling the anti-Israel delegitimization and demonization campaigns.

All of the prominent action groups, in their respective fields, were created, developed and achieved external funding by Israelis emanating from English-speaking backgrounds.

A few of the most outstanding examples include NGO Monitor’s Gerald Steinberg, Palestinian Media Watch’s Itamar Marcus, Joe Hyam’s HonestReporting.

We look forward to more media appearances in the coming weeks.