HonestReporting is now on Pinterest

This post was written by HonestReporting intern Yaakov Wolff. 


The Internet offers a huge amount of outstanding resources, but organizing the material we come across so that it can be useful to our readers has been an ongoing challenge. That’s why HonestReporting has launched a presence on Pinterest, one of the most popular social bookmarking sites on the Internet.

Pinterest is a social media platform that arranges content from the web, or “pins” as it calls individual items, in different categories, on boards (categories). Our current categories include our bread-and-butter work like Anti-Israel Media Bias and Anti-Semitism in the media. But in addition to exposing the ugly stuff, the lies, bias and hate, we will also share positive news and content from the IDF, the Israeli technology scene and beautiful photos of the land of Israel.

pinterest grab1

Why is Pinterest a great way to stay connected? The various boards (categories) help you focus on the things YOU are interested in! Do you love beautiful photos of Israel? Are you interested in Anti-Semitic cartoons and statements? By following specific boards, you can personalize what information you get in your feed. And if you want to follow all of our posts, just press the “follow all” button under the banner at the top of the page.

So visit http://pinterest.com/honestreporting/ and start following our boards today. And if you you don’t have an account with Pinterest, join today. It’s a great way to keep your Internet browsing organized. Follow the boards that interest you, in order to stay up to date with the truth and feel free to repin our posts, thereby sharing the honesty with your followers as well.