HonestReporting Syndication & Fair Use Terms – May 2011

HonestReporting actively encourages website owners to use our material when addressing issues of media bias against Israel. To ensure readers are clear about the source, ownership and web location of the work they are reading, and are able to fairly and freely access original content – please ensure that:

Full Article Reproduction/Stand alone reproduction of partial content – ‘Openings’

Where an article is reproduced in full, to avoid any impression that our work might be authored by or created for the hosting site – the material must be clearly marked as belonging to HonestReporting by way of introduction/by-line prior to or beginning of the opening paragraph. For example, a subheading to the title such as ‘Via HonestReporting’, ‘Reproduced with permission of HonestReporting’, ‘Originally appeared on HonestReporting’, or ‘Read more at HonestReporting’ would be acceptable hyperlinked ‘Openings’.


Full Article Reproduction/Stand alone reproduction of partial content – Closing

A link to the original source of the material on our site is provided at the close of the article, or in any event that the article is not reproduced in full. Example text from rule 1, along with ‘Read in full at HonestReporting.Com’ would be an acceptable ‘Closing’.


Quotes/Citations/Partial References contained in your site materials

Where partial material is cited within the context of your own sites work (quoting us for example), a link direct to the source quote is provided (and not to other content on your site referencing HonestReporting). For example ‘HonestReporting were first to comment on the matter….’ where the words HonestReporting or www.honestreporting.com in this quote would link to the article in which such a statement was made.
A non-specific reference to us such as ‘HonestReporting and other NGOs have been active…’ should link to our homepage via hyperlink from our name.


Our Logo/About HonestReporting/Owner Reference/More about Author.

Any ‘footer’ or ‘about’ reference to HonestReporting, or to our logo wherever it may appear – must link directly to our home page.

Please ensure our logo and any information concerning us are current
– we are happy to provide updates, and answer specific permission requests. We appreciate you making use of our work in keeping with our syndication policy. Please contact us to clarify any part of our policy whenever in doubt. We’d be delighted to help.

Thank you for sharing HonestReporting’s material with your readers. Please visit www.honestreporting.com or contact legal@honestreporting.com for more information.

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