Gaza and Goldstone

Israel’s Operation Cast Lead generated many headlines and accusations at the time against Israel and the IDF, including “war crimes” and “disproportionality”.

While the military operation came to an end in January 2009, a new legal battlefront opened up against Israel in the UN, as a one-sided commission of inquiry led by Judge Richard Goldstone published its report.

In the immediate aftermath of the Goldstone Report’s publication, many initial critiques and media items can be found in HonestReporting’s own Special Report on Goldstone.

As time has progressed, more information and research examining Goldstone’s findings have become available, particularly debunking some of the charges of “war crimes” laid at Israel’s door.


These serious charges are unlikely to disappear from the anti-Israel discourse in the foreseeable future. Here, HonestReporting presents some of the most recent studies and articles concerning the Goldstone Report and Operation Cast Lead:


Reports and Studies

Goldstone Retracts

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