Behind the Scenes: Addressing the Sunday Times Visually

HonestReporting’s graphic stance on Scarfe’s infuriating cartoon was the result of the right idea meeting the right content.

Just last week, Social Media Editor Alex Margolin and I were discussing more ways of engaging readers using images and infographics. We agreed on a simple style, clearly displayed in the yellow strips in our graphic, that integrated text with images; the design was influenced by do-it-yourself magazines from the 1980’s. We also felt that a quote, in this case by HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams, would balance an eye-catching image with some contextual authority.

The Sunday Times’ cartoon demanded a graphic response. We pulled together a colorful background, a strong quote, and a typeface we used before in the Why You Should Care About Iran slideshow. The font has a bit of a hand-drawn feel to it, with spaces in the stenciled letters reminiscent of the mortar in the wall.

I think we succeeded in making a bold statement in which each element gets the right amount of attention. As always, thank you for your feedback that helps us complement and elevate HR’s message.

Addressing the Sunday Times with a Graphic

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