HR Op-Ed: About Those Incredible Rumors

HonestReporting’s CEO Joe Hyams has an op-ed published on the brand new Times of Israel site:

We all love to read about the incredible. But what happens when the incredible just isn’t credible?

The Internet is an incredible tool for spreading information across the global superhighway. Yet, there is a darker side. Israel has been the victim of countless smears and big lies propagated by enemies intent on delegitimizing and demonizing the Jewish state.

Only in the last week, one of these big lies has reentered the news a whole decade since it caused immeasurable damage to Israel’s image. The Mohammed al-Dura incident sparked a wave of violence and terror. The image of a Palestinian boy crouching next to his father caught in the crossfire became the icon of the so-called Second Intifada.

The passage of time and a trove of new evidence in Israel’s favor have done little to mitigate the al-Dura myth, which continues to live on thanks to the accumulated repository of anti-Israel material that is stored online. Dr. Yehuda David has just been acquitted of libel in a French court after publicly exposing the lies of al-Dura’s father, who falsely claimed old injuries were inflicted by Israel during that fateful Gaza firefight.

David’s challenge to the false yet widely accepted narrative should give us all encouragement to double our efforts to defend Israel’s credibility.

Sometimes, however, Israel’s friends fail to differentiate between the credible and the incredible. How many times have we forwarded a chain email based only on an empty promise of wealth and winnings for doing so? Most likely, if it’s that incredible, it isn’t credible.

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