HR Reader Gets New York Times Letter Published

Recent Watchdog of the Week, Houston resident Jason Levinson has continued his good work. From the Irish Times a few weeks ago, he’s now succeeded in getting a letter published in the New York Times. Here he takes on BDS leader Omar Barghouti’s recent opinion piece:

Omar Barghouti’s claim that Israel has a “self-definition as an exclusionary Jewish state” is simply beyond the pale of logic. Non-Jewish citizens of Israel are democratically elected to the Israeli Parliament, preside in Israeli courts of law, serve as officers in the Israeli military and attend Israeli universities. In fact, Mr. Barghouti obtained a master’s degree from Tel Aviv University despite having been born in Qatar and despite being one of the primary leaders of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement.

If Israel were the exclusionary state that Mr. Barghouti imagines it to be, none of the above would have occurred.

Congratulations again to Jason for his recent successes.

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