HR-led protest to BBC

The Guardian reports a ton of complaints sent to the BBC over reporter Barbara Plett’s tears for Arafat, mentioning HonestReporting as the source of the protest:

The BBC believes the email campaign sparked by Plett’s comments was instigated by American Jewish website

Honestreporting carries a message under the title "Weeping for Yasser" that urges users to email Malcolm Balen, the BBC’s senior editorial adviser on the Middle East, to complain about Plett’s report.

"Plett’s revelation of an emotional bond with Yasser Arafat is a clear acknowledgement of her partisan stand in the conflict… What does it say about the BBC that they employ news reporters who are emotionally or ideologically attached to one side of the conflict?" the website said.

The UK’s Daily Mail also carried an item on the HR protest to BBC over the weekend.