Hutton Report

It was a tough day for the BBC as the Hutton Commission released to the public its long awaited report.

The commission’s report severely castigates the BBC’s handling of the affair, calling the Beeb’s editorial and management system “defective.” An excellent summary of the report can be found at The Guardian.

HonestReporting commends the Hutton Commission for successfully piercing the BBC veil and making the UK media giant answerable for its coverage. To a great degree, the report also vindicates the tireless efforts of BBC monitor Trevor Asserson, and HonestReporting hopes this will add steam to efforts to remove the BBC’s royal charter and repeal the annual license fee supporting BBC programming.

Support the cancellation or non-renewal of the charter by writing to UK Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell:

UPDATE: The BBC Chairman has resigned in the wake of the report.