i24 News Channel Launches

Wednesday saw the launch of a i24news, Israel’s answer to Russia Today, France 24 and Al-Jazeera. i24’s CEO Frank Melloul writes:

The mission of i24news is to cover international news with a new perspective, as well as all facets of Israeli society. This new perspective is lacking in today’s fast-paced, channel-zapping culture.

In English, French and Arabic, i24news is dedicated to presenting another voice from the Middle East, based on the twin pillars of independence and openness. i24 seeks to connect Israel to the world and the world to Israel.

In a single newsroom, some 150 journalists of different nationalities and faiths together produce the same content (news, talk shows, news magazines) from the Jaffa port: a symbol of the social, cultural and religious diversity of Israeli society.

The first major global media channel born in the digital age, i24news will be launched on the web, then on satellite, ADSL and cable.

We wish i24news the very best of luck. You can tune in to live coverage online here.

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