Introducing Infographics

How to Fight Media Bias

HonestReporting’s graphic designer has a few interlocked missions: to improve the quality and quantity of visuals on the site, engage more viewers through graphic content, and experiment with new distribution channels. Today sees the release of the first HR infographic in a semi-regular series. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, an infographic is a visual representation of information, like a map or sign. These kinds of visualizations have become popular on the internet, spawning dedicated social sharing sites like

The reaction to Reuters’ rocket attack headline on June 22 was turned into an infographic because we were impressed by our readers, who exhibited the kind of initiative and tenacity HR has promoted since its inception. HR’s editorial staff quickly noticed the traction the story generated while alert readers kept up the pressure and reported on our website. It was the perfect case study of what we do, demonstrating the effective grassroots efforts of our network.

Our goals for the infographic were to keep the design simple (for comprehension) but attractive (so people will notice it and share it). This infographic will be used in our presentations and workshops but we encourage Israel advocates to share and download. Our photostream on Flickr is an image bank of our Creative Commons work that you can use and share for free (with attribution to HonestReporting). As always, we’re happy to hear your comments as we try out new avenues to mobilize people to defend Israel.