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  1. Sam garson said:

    The depth of hatred towards jews and towards israel have no explanation and for the haters no boundaries. Could it have a solution basically in correction education and where needed prompt and preemptive action onlypride and honour about ourselves

  2. Beau Milos said:

    I’m a Christian Zionist with Jewish heritage from my mothers side from bosnia and father Croatian/Bosnian. It is unnatural hate of the Jews that the Muslims express so deeply it looks demonic possession on a wide scale, I can only say that Allah is the satan the bible describes that can do such a thing. We have to love the Muslim but hate the Islam they subscribe to. My mother told a story that her grand mother told her about the nazi are gathering up the Jews, I feel like that its happening again but it has always been there in Islam. I was reading someone’s comment that the only way to get to the truth is to do the research because you cannot follow and trust the media. Honest reporting comes from you, oh and also pray to God to show you the truth.

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