Israel: Bringing Hope Amidst Haiti’s Rubble

Many of you have asked for sources of information on Israel’s role in aiding the victims of Haiti’s devastating earthquake. While Israel is one of many nations operating in Haiti, the IDF’s field hospital and search and rescue team have caught the attention of some media outlets. Here are just some of the positive stories emerging from Haiti’s tragedy:

  • Fox News (17Jan): Israeli doctors in Haiti
  • Sky News (17 Jan): Sky reporter spends a day in the rubble with Israeli rescue team
  • IBA News (17 Jan): Israeli rescue team in Haiti
  • LA Times (17 Jan): Israel: Sending soldiers of peace to Haiti
  • CBS News (18 Jan): Israeli IDF hospital the “Rolls Royce” of medicine in Haiti
  • ABC News (18 Jan): Miracle birth amid Haiti’s rubble
  • WABC News (18 Jan): Brother of Queens NY resident rescued from rubble by Israeli rescue team
  • U.N. MINUSTAH (Jan 18): Haiti: Israeli field hospital working around the clock
  • CNN report (18 Jan):  Patients desperate for better medical care

Positive coverage of Israel is all too rare these days. Please forward these stories to your friends and family and post them on social networking sites.

HonestReporting sends its condolences to the people of Haiti in this terrible time.

Other Sources for Information

To Make a Donation



  • For donation’s through Israel’s Foreign Ministry, call 02-6594222.
  • For donations to the Israeli ZAKA organization, which has a team in Haiti, visit the ZAKA website.

Alternatively, you can send money directly to the ZAKA Haiti Fund account:

Bank of Jerusalem
Branch # 30
18 Keren Hayesod, Jerusalem, Israel
Account No: 300060134
Swift Code: JERSILIT

  • Magen David Adom has also opened a bank account to collect money for the earthquake victims.

Magen David Adom Trumot Lakaribim
Israel Discount Bank
Branch # 151
Yad Eliahu, Tel Aviv
Account No: 17926



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