Arms Cache Found in PLO Envoy’s Home

Latest blowback against the ASA boycott of Israel: Denunciations from the U. of Rochester and Catholic U. president John Garvey. The latter’s letter was brilliant:

I hope the ASA’s call for a boycott produces just the opposite of its intended result – a proliferation of U.S. linkages with Israeli universities and other universities in the Middle East.

Elliott Abrams weighs in on Confidence Destroying Measures like prisoner releases.

Surprisingly nice and balanced  NY Times look at the issue of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.

• A BBC satire, “The Revolution Will Be Televised,” ruffled some feathers with a video somewhat reminiscent of mock eviction notices posted at Harvard, Michigan, and Florida-Atlantic universities. Backstory’s at the Times of Israel. Do you think the show crossed a line?

Try jailbreaking this IDF smartphone.

For more commentary/analysis, see a staff-ed in The Guardian (blame Israel for peace process stuck in the mud).

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Rest O’ the Roundup

Implementation of the interim Geneva nuclear agreement will begin on January 20, reports AFP. Iran and the P5+1 powers only struck the deal a month ago, so, as Jeffrey Goldberg might ask, why the rush?

Over at the NY Times, former Shin Bet boss Ami Ayalon weighs in on Iranian-Palestinian linkage. Linkage is going to be an increasingly important issue as April deadlines for Mideast and Iranian talks converge. (I happen to believe Ayalon has the linkage backwards):

But Mr. Netanyahu is dead wrong in not understanding that the road to dealing with Tehran goes through Ramallah, and that time is running out not only for halting Iran’s nuclear weapons program but also for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

• For more commentary, see Jay Solomon (Wall St. Journal via Google News).

Maan News: Egypt’s relentlessly piling on Hamas. Intelligence officials claim Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood conspired simultaneous attacks on Coptic churches in the Sinai.

• Anti-trust concerns over Leviathan gas may prompt selloff

(Image of Sharon via Government Press Office)

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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