Another American Journalist Disappears in Syria

AP: FIFA wants Israel to restore Jibril Rajoub’s VIP status, which would allow him to enter Israel without security checks. Israel refused to renew a number of VIP passes, accusing Palestinian officials of incitement. Rajoub is president of the Palestinian Football Association, and also headed the 2012 Palestinian Olympic committee.

On a slow news day, Sky News catches up with the Palestinian “Speed Sisters,” the only all-female auto racing team in the Arab world.

Speed Sisters

The Palestinian Speed Sisters racing team

Uri Dromi weighs in on the paradox of Israeli politics.

Iranian Atomic Urgency

A Washington Post staff-ed’s running out of patience with Iranian nuclear talks:

But if negotiations remain stalled, Mr. Obama should consider making Iran a comprehensive offer that would permanently restrict its uranium enrichment and provide for intensive international monitoring in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. That would have the advantage of confronting the regime with a stark choice — and making clear whether a diplomatic solution exists.

Arab Spring Winter

Elliott Abrams on American silence as Egypt cracks down on free speech:

Here’s a test: take a look at some of the recent language used about plans for new construction in Israeli settlements and in Jerusalem by the United States (“deeply disappointed,” “provocative,” “counter to the cause of peace) or the EU (“strongly oppose,” “deeply dismayed,” “extreme concern”) and let’s see how many such statements are made about the assaults on freedom of the press from the government of Egypt.

Bored Japanese trucker gets kicks from Syrian war tourism

Rest O’ the Roundup

Globes: Signs of more Israeli offshore gas discovered.

(Image of racers: Screengrab from Sky News video)

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