Arab Donors Abandon PA

Arab Spring Winter

Syrian defector reveals how Assad regime “fabricates” news

In Kuwait, an opposition demonstration was met with police stun grenades and tear gas. AFP coverage.

AP: Egypt says it foiled a car bombing along the Rafah border.

Because the car bomb was found near an unused church and a military camp used by police and border guards, the intelligence official said either may have been the target.

Iranian Atomic Urgency

The Washington Post describes how the latest sanctions have deeper bite. They target shipping and ports-management, and government-controlled media:

While some previous U.S. sanctions targeted individuals and firms linked to Iran’s nuclear industry, the new policies are closer to a true trade embargo, designed to systematically attack and undercut Iran’s major financial pillars and threaten the country with economic collapse, the officials say. . .

By broadening the focus to entire industries, the new effort is intended to make it harder for Iran to evade sanctions through front operations, a time-honored practice in the Islamic republic, said Dubowitz, author of several studies on sanctions policy.

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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