Fury as UNESCO Pulls Plug on Israeli Exhibit

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1. Not-so-great expectations:

• Kerry expected to unveil framework deal by end of month.

• Palestinians expected to reject Kerry plan, launch diplomatic war on Israel.

By the way, Haaretz reports the draft framework agreement omits any “right” of return for Palestinian refugees. Instead, Kerry’s plan “will propose a solution based on the naturalization of the refugees in the countries in which they currently reside, as well as financial compensation.”

2. Why is UNESCO delaying an exhibit on Jewish ties to the land of Israel? It could be harmful to peace process. The Jerusalem Post explains that the exhibit, at the agency’s Paris headquarters, was arranged with UNESCO’s approval every step of the way until the Arabs complained. How’s this for a whiff of State Dept. hypocrisy?

Notwithstanding this professed outrage, however, the State Department had just last week itself declined to co-sponsor the exhibit — in part because of the very reason that Bokova cited for its cancellation: the peace process.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen argues in a Florida Sun-Sentinel op-ed that the US should simply withdraw from UNESCO.

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3. Heckuva Jerusalem Post scoop: Britain is investigating how it’s financial support for the UN  Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is being spent.

4. LA Times: Palestinians Fire First, But Israel Breaks Ceasefire:Once again, it all started when Israel fired back.

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Israel and the Palestinians

A retaliatory Israeli air strike killed an Islamic Jihad figure responsible for firing rockets in recent days. According to the Jerusalem Post, the IDF’s bracing for possible escalation. YNet suggests Hamas is losing control of the strip.

• Israel to return the bodies of 36 Palestinians buried in numbered graves, reports Maan News.

In what the Daily Telegraph calls a “diplomatic tit for tat,” Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman summoned  a number of European envoys for a dressing down. The move came after European complaints about Israeli settlement activity.

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  • Czech police find more explosives in Palestinian embassy.
  • Al Jazeera: Israel goes to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties.
  • Food finally reaches besieged Yarmouk refugee camp.

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