Fury as UNESCO Pulls Plug on Israeli Exhibit

• Czech police found more explosives in the Palestinian embassy.

Toronto schoolbook omits Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, publisher blames Canadian government policy. National Post coverage.


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrives in Israel today. For commentary/analysis, see the National Post, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, National Post (again),

Lisa Duggan, the incoming head of the embattled American Studies Association, accused Richard Behar of being homophobic in emails he shared with Algemeiner. Last week, Behar, a Forbes investigative journalist, utterly demolished the ASA’s boycott of Israel. See also Richard Cravatts (of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East), plus student papers at Yale, Duke, Northwestern, and USC (for and against boycotting).

• For more commentary/analysis, see Philip Gold (new approach to hasbara in the US), Dan Margalit (Palestinian rejectionism), NY Times (peacemaking while the Mideast burns), Victor Davis Hanson (the cowardice of politically correct anti-Semitism), and a Sydney Morning Herald op-ed slamming Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s view on Israeli settlements.

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Rest O’ the Roundup

Iran Top Nuke Negotiator: Deal Reversible In One Day

• Al Jazeera admits that Israel (and France) go to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties — while knocking Hezbollah, the Syrian army, and others, for not doing the same. (Via IsraellyCool.)

 AP: Food supplies successfully reached starving Palestinians in the Yarmouk refugee camp for the first time in months.

• Heh: The Saudi royal family is facing an online de-legitimization campaign of its own, writes Mordechai Kedar:

The bottom line of all of these Internet efforts – and only a small part is presented here – is that members of the royal Saudi family are described by their foes as non-Muslims and as traitors to Islam and its sacred affairs, such as having surrendered Palestine.

 Now it’s Bashar Assad’s turn to pass the popcorn. Two weeks of rebel in-fighting has killed more than 1,000 people. AP coverage.

‘Heartbreaking’ Syria orphan photo wasn’t taken in Syria and not of orphan

Hosts of fake images circulate Facebook and Twitter every day, with pictures depicting wars and beautiful parts of the world often being Photoshopped beyond recognition.

Is there anybody who hasn’t already attacked the Sinai gas pipeline by now?

West Bromwich Albion Marketing Watch: The Nicolas Anelka quenelle controversy took an unexpected twist. West Bromwich Albion — who the French striker plays for — was given an ultimatum by one of the team sponsors: If West Brom plays Anelka in the team’s next match, Zoopla will immediately cut its £3million shirt sponsorship deal.

The team’s not going to let sponsors dictate roster moves, and is looking for a new sponsor. But the matter may be out of West Brom’s hands. The Daily Mail reports the Football Association will likely slap Anelka with a five-game suspension.

(Image of Canadian flag via Flickr/Brandon Giesbrecht)

For more, see Thursday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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