Former Hamas Man Behind Beirut Bombings?

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1. Former Hamas man behind Beirut bombings?

2. Germany’s conditioning on high-tech grants and scientific cooperation on making Israeli entities on the wrong side of the Green Line ineligible for funding. Haaretz reports that that Israeli officials are worried about a domino effect:

The German decision represents a significant escalation in European measures against the settlements. While the Horizon 2020 scientific cooperation agreement, which Israel signed with the European Union a few weeks ago, prohibited EU funding for academic research conducted in the settlements, Berlin has now extended the funding ban to private companies located over the Green Line. Moreover, the boycott against the settlements has now spread from EU institutions in Brussels to individual EU members. . .

“We also want to prevent a situation in which every decision made by the European Commission in Brussels is automatically adopted by all 28 member states,” he added . . .

3. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif insisted to CNN that the interim nuclear deal doesn’t require Tehran to dismantle anything. It’s hard to argue, because the agreement hasn’t been made public by the Obama administration.

4. The Economist Ignores Calls for Anti-Semitism Standards: An anti-Semitic cartoon fails to prompt any soul searching.

5. Watchdog of the Week: Friends of Israel (Western Australia) Fighting Bias Down Under: This week’s Watchdog of the Week is awarded to an organization rather than an individual.

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Israel and the Palestinians

AP discovered “terror.”

Israel on Wednesday said it had foiled an “advanced” al-Qaida plan to carry out a suicide bombing on the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv and bomb other targets, in what analysts said was the first time the global terror network‘s leadership has been directly involved in plotting an attack inside Israel.

The T-word also popped up in the LA Times and CNN.

The IDF’s launched its newest weapon in the media war: a combat camera unit documenting army operations. The Guardian‘s Matthew Kalman nicely profiled the unit, whose personnel finished a seven-month training course.

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  • Drug money-laundering ring benefitting Hezbollah busted.
  • AP cuts ties with photographer who altered Syrian war photo.
  • Saudi columnist: Arab rulers way more brutal than Ariel Sharon.

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