Israeli-Palestinian Talks Revealed

For more commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian textbook tiff, see Ruthie Blum.

Worth reading: Mali Reveals the Media’s Gaza Bias

Yet when it comes to Islamists in Gaza, suddenly all moral clarity disappears in an avalanche of clichéd images and headlines ignoring the most basic truths. France can launch military attacks about 2,000 miles south of its border in response to an Islamist threat that endangers nobody in France, but Israel is vilified if it responds militarily to deadly rocket attacks targeting its civilians from two miles to its south.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Caught on video: A Syrian national tried to whack Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with a shoe during the Iranian leader’s visit to Cairo. YNet adds:

Ahmadinejad’s visit to al-Azhar, the highest religious institution in Egypt, was also not so well received, as several radical Muslim protestors blocked his path and prevented his and his entourage’s entry to the institution.

The guy with the shoe could just as easily have been a BBC sympathizer. AP reports that Iran detained more journalists the regime says are linked to the Beeb. The regime rounded up a bunch of BBC journos just a few days ago.

Hmmmm. Argentina compares Britain in the Falklands to the Israeli occupation. Foreign Minister Hector Timerman even called British residents “settlers.” More at the Daily Telegraph.

The Sydney Morning Herald and the Globe & Mail update on the Australian and Canadian angles to the Burgas bombing.

(Image of Ward via YouTube/DavidWardMP)

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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