Reuters Cowed By PA While Police Rough Up Photographer

Iranian Atomic Urgency

  Gareth Porter of IPS News assesses how Shaul Mofaz effects the American-Israeli Good Cop/Bad Cop routine with Iran:

It could be the beginning of a process by which Netanyahu begins to climb down from a militarily aggressive policy that has provoked unprecedented dissent from high-ranking active and retired military and intelligence officials.

Porter refers to Mofaz’s talk at the Washington Institute. But The Atlantic‘s Robert Wright has a different view on how the Mofaz factor plays in Persia:

So as American negotiators refuse to offer Iran sanctions relief in exchange for the concessions they seek, and count instead on the threat of military strikes to do the necessary incentivizing, the Iranian leadership–or at least important elements within it–may well be sitting there thinking: Go ahead, make my day.

 Iran announces three-day missile drill. YNet adds:

Hajizadeh added that Iran will soon introduce a new missile that can also penetrate the Iron Dome missile defense system, threatening that if Israel plans any attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, “They will provide us a reason to remove Israel from the earth.”

Arab Spring Winter

Do you think the NY Daily News is irritated that Egypt’s new president wants to obtain the release of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman?

Morsi’s call for the sheik’s release is a reflection of the direction in which Egypt is headed. No longer can the country be considered the reliable U.S. partner that it was under Hosni Mubarak.

The Washington Post assesses what the Muslim Brotherhood’s Egyptian success means for other Arab countries.

Despite the new Egyptian government, Gazans tell the Times of Israel that Rafah border restrictions haven’t changed.

The Wall Street Journal updates international diplomacy’s foundering efforts to save Syria.

Rest O’ the Roundup

 AP says to mark July 10 on your calendar for a verdict on Ehud Olmert’s corruption case.

 Arab hackers struck again, posting the emails and passwords of hundreds of Israeli accounts along with other personal information. According to Haaretz, attempts have already been made to exploit the listed accounts.

(Image of Mofaz via YouTube/WashingtonInstitute)

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