Palestinians Jockeying to Succeed Abbas

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Today’s Top Stories

1. Rockets hit the Negev, and then Israel struck back. Don’t be surprised if we see reports along the lines that It All Started When Israel Fired Back.

2. Confidence building measures, Tehran style: Iran state TV airs simulated attacks on Israeli and US targets. Backstory at the Jerusalem Post. Oh yeah, Iranian warships now heading towards the Atlantic Ocean will sail to the US maritime border as part of of a mission to make illicit deliveries with Cuba and/or Venezuela “send a message.”

3. With no clear line of political succession, who are the Palestinians jockeying to take over the PLO “after Abbas?” The Times of Israel looks at the behind-the-scenes contenders.

4. Rock Solid Reporting Down Under? Australian media investigates Israeli treatment of Palestinian children. But is the subject being treated fairly?

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Israel and the Palestinians

Washington Post interview with John Kerry is getting some media attention because the Secretary of State said Israelis and Palestinians will be able to express their reservations about US-drafted parameters. Ooooh.

• President Obama’s approval ratings are plummeting among Israelis. Time looks at why.

 Britain’s high court rules against Ahava boycotters

 The PA cracked down on the radical pan-Islamic group, Hizb ut-Tahir after it issued a leaflet slamming Mahmoud Abbas for proposing a NATO involvement in security arrangements. More at the Jerusalem Post.

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  • Inside the Israeli-made security system at Sochi.
  • Why is Spain granting Jews a “right of return?”
  • Ex-CIA chief: Anti-Semitism a factor in Jonathan Pollard’s continued imprisonment.

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