Palestinian Admits to Terror for PA Pension

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Today’s Top Stories

1. An imprisoned Palestinian terrorist admitted to Israeli authorities that he faked plans for a second attack in order to obtain a nicer pension from the PA. Palestinian Media Watch obtained a copy of Husni Najjar’s confession to Israeli authorities. There’s a lot of US and UK aid subsidizing terror pensions.

2. A Jordanian Palestinian who writes for the Jerusalem Post was sentenced by Jordan to life with hard labor. Mudar Zahran was tried in absentia after obtaining British asylum.

3. Several Israeli news services were on hand as Mahmoud Abbas hosted a group of visiting Israeli students and shared his thoughts on the peace process.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas vowed on Sunday not to return to violence if the US-brokered talks with Israel broke down, but he would not rule out an international campaign to delegitimize Israel in that event.

4. To Err is Human, But Algorithms Can Be Screwy Too: A mad mix of keywords and computers makes for an LA Times photo flub.

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Israel and the Palestinians

Palestinians are worried that Israel will unilaterally assert sovereignty over the Temple Mount as a Knesset discussion on the matter is on the agenda this week. Jerusalem Post coverage.

Maan News: West Bank gas stations no longer provide fuel to PA vehicles. The PA hasn’t paid its gas bill for six months, accumulating a debt of $15.7 million. Two months ago, the PA also asked Israel to forgive half of its 1.1 billion shekel debt for electricity with a repayment plan for the rest spread out over 20 years.

For more commentary/analysis, see the Times of Israel and Jerusalem Post on yesterday’s Taba bus bombing, Spengler (European attitudes towards Israel), Seth Siegel (water issues), Uri Dromi (Kerry’s diplomacy),

Rest O’ the Roundup

Will Israel bomb Iran? Bret Stephens of the Wall St. Journal discusses the possibility.

Love, jihad style:

  1. Jihadist groupies flocking to Syria with marriage in mind
  2. ISIS forcing Syrian women to wed its fighters, say activists

Do “Syria,” “Lebanon,” and “Iraq” Still Exist? asks Jonathan Speyer.

With Arizona Governor Jan Brewer due to visit Israel, a staff-ed in the Arizona Republic gives the governor’s trip a thumbs up.

(Image of Abbas via Jerusalem Post video)

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