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Iranian Atomic Urgency

IAEA has “serious concerns” about possible militarization of Iran’s nuclear program.

German newspaper reports that Iran may already have held a nuclear test in North Korea.

Newsweek/Daily Beast says Iran may actually be trying to goad Israel into an attack.

Rest O’ the Roundup

• Tough Obama talk on Iran causes markets to tumble.

New York Times looks at the controversy created by Arab Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran refusing to sing the national anthem at Dorit Beinish’s final session.

• Even Assad’s father-in-law is publicly horrified at what’s happening in Syria.

• UK pols have “angry showdown” over whether the Foreign Office is bigoted towards Israel and whether Foreign Secretary William Hague is part of it .

Mr. Hague was furious at Mr Carswell’s personal onslaught. ‘You are living in a fantasy world and talking total nonsense,’ he told him. ‘The Foreign Office is not pro- Palestinian. I have never heard such claptrap.’

Assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai will be turned in a comedy by Israeli and French filmmakers.

• Journalists working for Iran’s Press TV were arrested on espionage charges in Libya after authorities discovered they were carrying IDF-issued medical supplies.

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