Iranian Arms Boat: The Fallout

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numbers An expert debunked the UN’s “politicized” West Bank numbers. This from Times of Israel:

A United Nations report published Wednesday stated that the number of Palestinians living under full Israeli control in the West Bank is far higher than previously estimated, but an Israeli expert responsible for drawing the map in the mid-1990s said the UN was disingenuously inflating the numbers for political reasons.

 South African minister compares Israelis to Nazis (via Elder of Ziyon) in statement distributed by UN Human Rights Council. Any wonder Israelis view the UNHRC in the same regard as periodontal gum disease?

 Jerusalem Post: Egypt seeks Russian air defense systems that could undermine the Camp David peace treaty.

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I’ll say this for Hezbollah — they sure cut through the red tape to pull this off: Hezbollah built an airport near Baalbek.

 Malnourished refugees facing death in Lebanon

 AdAge looks at Al Jazeera America’s tanking ratings. Andrew Johnson puts the numbers in perspective:

The 1959 Hollywood classic Ben-Hur had more extras (8,000) than AJA does viewers in the key demo.

Russia Today’s credibility took a hit as Liz Wahl quit on the air in protest of RT’s coverage of the Ukraine. More at The Lede.

 For more commentary/analysis, see Denis MacEoin (Israel and the rest of the world), Yonah Jeremy Bob (IDF’s different standards for patrolling the Gaza border and West Bank), and Eitan Haber (the peace process).

(Image of Obama via Flickr/The White House, numbers via Wikimedia Commons/lanmacn)

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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