Abbas, Obama to Discuss Future of Peace Talks

 Tunisian tourist official to JTA: Israelis with pre-arranged visas were always welcome to visit. But an angry Norwegian Cruise Line threws cold water on that line:

Norwegian Cruise Lines said the policy requiring pre-arranged visas was a new one and that the denial of entry to 20 Israeli passengers aboard its Jade ship was discriminatory.

 IDF soldier says he escaped attempted kidnapping

• How are Ashkelon kids living in rocket range are taught to cope with trauma? The Media Line visited the southern city to find out.

writing For more commentary/analysis, see Aaron David Miller (why Abbas can’t deliver his side of a peace agreement), Elliott Abrams (Abbas and the “right” of return will defeat John Kerry), Jonathan Tobin (Kerry unprepared for the Palestinian “no”), David Weinberg (Kerry’s framework not “pro-Palestinian” enough — a response to Peter Beinart), Steven Dishler (what will Obama ask Abbas?), Dan Margalit (prisoner release in limbo), and both Chemi Shalev and Robert Satloff‘s takes on recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.

See also Ethan Bronner (Israel reaches out to the diaspora), Alan Johnson (academia’s anti-Israel bigotry), Brendan O’Neill (Israelis don’t care why Europe hates them), Nora Gold (Israel Apartheid Week’s real agenda), Balazs Benko (the failed ethics of the “ethical” boycott of Israel) and Yoram Schweitzer (Hamas and Hezbollah are desperately trying to provoke war with Israel).

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Rest O’ the Roundup

• According to Japanese media reports, new government regulations may allow the land of the rising sun to export weapons and related technology to Israel.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to update the decades-old “three principles” on arms exports, and the ruling bloc is trying to find common ground over how much the restrictive policy should be eased to keep up with the times and revitalize the domestic defense industry.

Iranian officials say they foiled a plot to sabotage the Arak heavy water facility. No word yet on what kind of sabotage we’re talking about or whodunnit. AP coverage.

A brutal pattern of violence: An Israeli doctor treating injured Syrian children told the Daily Telegraph Syrian snipers are deliberately aiming for specific spots on kids” spines to cause maximum trauma.

Headline of the day:

BBC accused of gagging debate in Free Speech show

(Image of Sinai via YouTube/JewishNewsOne, Japan via Pixabay/geralt)

For more, see Thursday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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