Israel Daily News Stream 03/21/2012

Israel and the Palestinians

Worth reading: David Harris brilliantly dissects the upcoming “Global March on Jerusalem,” exposing the GMJ for what it really is:

So, in the spirit of truth in advertising, the GMJ should simplify its mission statement to:

By hook or by crook, we are a movement to dismantle Israel. We have no interest in a two-state agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. We embrace absolutely anyone who shares our single-minded goal. We couldn’t care less what happens in any other country in the region, be it state-sponsored murder, repression, torture, religious persecution, or gender discrimination. After all, if it’s not about Israel, it’s not about us.

How many times have we seen this headline?

Abbas Blames Israel for Impasse in Peace Talks

Hamasnik Muhammad Abu Adra is in Israeli custody for planning to stage a terror attack near Eilat and kidnap a soldier. More at Israel HaYom.

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Ex-Mossad chief insists Israel will know when to move on Iran. Haaretz quotes Meir Dagan:

Meanwhile, former Mossad head Meir Dagan said he believes Israel will be aware when Iran moves to the stage of nuclear weapon production – for example, enriching uranium to a degree of 90 percent. Dagan said that at that stage Israel would have to attack the Iranian nuclear sites if the international community does not stop its program.

Arab Spring Winter

Russian FM Sergei Lavrov provides grist for tea leaf-readers everywhere:

“We believe that the Syrian leadership responded incorrectly to the very first manifestations of the peaceful protests,” Mr Lavrov told Kommersant FM radio in a pre-recorded interview.

“The Syrian leadership – despite the numerous promises it has made in response to our calls – is making a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately this is why the conflict is so acute.”

 NY Times analysis says the Syrian uprising will drag out for a long time.

Don’t you hate it when this happens?

Journalist held in Libya as Welsh mistaken for Hebrew

(Image of Lavrov via YouTube/Euronews)

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