Another Israel-Bashing Day At the UN

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Today’s Top Stories

1. The UN Human Rights Council debated five separate Israel-bashing resolutions. One called for a boycott of goods produced in Israeli settlements. The Jerusalem Post notes:

During the UNHRC’s entire 25th session this month, it is voting on only one resolution on Syria even though over 120,000 people have been killed in its ongoing civil war.

Israel was not represented at the session because diplomats were on strike (more on that below). Tova Lazaroff live-tweeted the ugly hypocrisy from Geneva. Syria’s pompous outrage is especially rich.

Tova Lazaroff

2. It’s bad enough that Moscow threatened to support Iran in the nuclear talks over the West’s reaction to the Crimean crisis. Now, Reuters reports US concerns that Russian cooperation on dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons program will similarly unravel.

But if it’s any consolation, the JTA adds that sanctions would send Israel to the World Cup in Russia’s place.

3. Egypt sentenced to death 529 Muslim Brotherhood members.

4. Fighting BDS – Can We “Buycott” the Cultural Boycott? Artists who stand up to BDS bullying deserve to know that we appreciate what it means to perform in Israel.

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Israel and the Palestinians

Jerusalem Post: Might the US release Jonathan Pollard to move peace talks along? See also Gil Hoffman‘s take.

Israeli diplomats around the world declared an open-ended strike, shutting down the country’s 103 missions abroad. Haaretz had clearest coverage. Reuters and others picked up on the story too.

 Deutsche Welle looks at the Red-Med freight rail project, and what’s in it for both Israel and China.

. . . Netanyahu’s interest in the link is less about economic benefits and more about developing a strategic alliance with China and improving access between the regions.


 Looking at Crimea and Russian tensions, Amiel Ungar wonders: If Europe can’t provide security for its own citizens, what are the value of EU guarantees to Israel?

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