IDF “Confirms” Operating in Syria

Iranian Atomic Urgency

The good news: Israeli diplomacy made significance in-roads in the Balkans following the fallout with Turkey.

The bad news? There are more Israeli and Jewish targets of interest to Iran and Hezbollah located in Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Romania. Israeli security concerns and the Balkans is worth reading.

Dore Gold weighs in on Israel and Iran.

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Why are Israelis so damn happy?

Swedish politician Omar Mustafa resigned. Mustafa, who was a member of the Social Democratic Party’s governing board, was done in by anti-Semitic social media activity, among other things. The Jerusalem Post explains:

The 28-year old Mustafa tweeted in 2011 that Sweden should send fighter planes to Israel instead of to attack the late Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya as part of the 2011 NATO campaign to protect the civilian population. The Swedish social democrats elected Mustafa last week to their governing board in Stockholm.

After Mustafa’s election to the board, however, a mushrooming series of disclosures about his cordial words for Egyptian anti-Semites, his Islamic organization’s refusal to recognize equality between men and women, and invitations to Islamists who propagate hardcore anti-gay ideologies, sparked fury in the Swedish media and with the former head of the social democrats.

Omar Mustafa

Omar Mustafa's 2011 tweet saying, "Send the Swedish Air Force against Israel now."

The BBC’s under fire for sending a team of reporters to North Korea along with a group of students from the London School of Economics. The Daily Telegraph writes:

The university has said the genuine students on the trip had been “deliberately misled” by the BBC and were put in “serious danger” by the presence of the BBC team. It said Sweeney, who graduated from the university in 1980, had passed himself off as a current PhD student.

It has accused the Corporation of taking an “unacceptable” risk. Had the journalists’ identity been discovered by the North Korean authorities, the entire group could have been arrested and faced punishment.

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