Hamas Bulldozes UNESCO Heritage Site

Reuters: Turkey’s Erdogan confirms will visit Gaza “around the end of May.”

Worth reading: The Times of Israel‘s Independence Day interview Shimon Peres. The president discussed Turkey, Iran, the peace process, relations with the US, and more with David Horovitz.

IDF legal authorities closed their investigations of the 80 complaints of possible crimes during the November Gaza war. Some press reports, such as the BBC, LA Times revisited the tragedy of the Dalou family. Credit The Guardian‘s Harriet Sherwood for closing out with this snippet:

The MAG concluded that the death of the son of a BBC picture editor on the first day of the conflict was not the result of IDF action. A UN report last month said it was likely that 11-month-old Omar Misharawi was killed by a stray Palestinian rocket.

Rest O’ the Roundup

NBC News: Israel’s booming economy puts billions in US aid in the spotlight.

• Two Muslim Brotherhood officials are on trial for torturing three Egyptians during protests last November. More at Reuters.

•  Arab media reports say around 1,200 Hezbollah members have entered Syria in recent days, joining up with pro-Assad mercenaries from Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Al-Arabiya further writes:

On Saturday, it was reported that at least forty Hezbollah fighters and Syrian soldiers were killed in recent clashes with opposition fighters in the strategic town of al-Qusayr in Homs province, activists said, according to Al Arabiya.

See also AP.

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For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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