Iran Reviving Gaza Arms Pipeline

Arab Spring Winter

Iran told Hezbollah to join the Syrian war.

How Hezbollah Trained An Operative to Spy on Israeli Tourists is an excellent example of how ProPublica really sinks it teeth into stories.

More bad press for Hezbollah’s Syrian activity in the Washington Post and Al Arabiya.

UPI picked up on unconfirmed reports that Israeli jet struck a Syrian chemical weapons site and buzzed Bashar Assad’s palace.

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Hamas is losing popularity in Egypt. In addition to a long and specific list of security issues Al-Ahram notes the bigger picture:

Since the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, Hamas has been perceived as co-responsible for some of the lawlessness that has occurred in Egypt. According to some opinion polls, many Egyptians believe it has become a burden on Egypt, with the group being transformed from being a “thorn in Israel’s side”, as former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon once described it, into being one in Egypt’s side.

It has turned Egypt into the gateway out of the prison that Gaza has become as a result of the Israeli siege and the rift among the Palestinians. Cairo also rejects Hamas’s view that Gaza is “liberated” and not occupied territory, because if this were so the responsibility of governing it would likely be transferred to others, notably Egypt.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Reuters assesses the latest between Israel and Iran.

Boston bombers’ mother told older son to go to ‘Palestine’

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For more, see Thursday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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