Israel Daily News Stream 05/02/2012

Arab Spring Winter

LA Times says the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi is losing ground in the race for Egypt’s presidency.

Many Egyptians wonder whether Morsi can fashion a political Islam to solve the country’s deep economic problems. As recently as a few weeks ago, any Brotherhood candidate would have been regarded as the likely next president. Much has changed, and some now fear that the group is peddling more religion than public policy. Morsi is a front-runner but the race is tightening, especially with the popularity of secularist candidate Amr Moussa, a former foreign minister.

Rest O’ the Roundup

• Former Kadima leader Tzipi Livni quits the Knesset but denies she’s retiring from politics.

• Khaled Abu Toameh asks if the pro-Palestinian community always has to be anti-Israel as well.

The pro-Palestinian camp in the West should raise its voice against violations of human rights and media freedoms under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

In the past few weeks, six Palestinian journalists, bloggers and cartoonists were arrested by security forces belonging to the Palestinian government in the West Bank.

The pro-Palestinian activists around the world chose to turn a blind eye to the ongoing crackdown on freedom of expression in the West Bank.

They also failed — even refused — to condemn the Palestinian Authority government’s decision to block web sites that are critical of Palestinian leaders in the West Bank.

• Ynet op-ed by Manfred Gerstenfeld compares the behavior of IDF soldiers with the behavior of UN peacekeepers.

• The New Statesman has an interview with the Israeli who started the Israel Loves Iran campaign on Facebook. He said the threat of war with Iran was primarily a distraction to avoid dealing with social issues in Israel.

• Leaders of Norway’s Jewish community praise Norway’s media for coming out against recent anti-Semitic remarks by prominent academic Johan Galtung but warn that “more subtle forms of anti-Semitism were prevalent in the country. ”

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