Israel Daily News Stream 05/07/2012

Iran and Nuclear Urgency

• Op-ed says Iran is showing signs of fear as sanctions dig deeper and the threat of an attack lingers on the horizon.

The last time the Iranians were this scared was shortly after Washington had conquered Baghdad, in mid-2003. Four months later Iran agreed to suspend uranium enrichment while it waited for promised talks to “resolve all outstanding issues” with the Europeans.

Wall Street Journal (via Google News) reports that Iran’s oil experts at 20-year low and expected to drop even lower as the EU bans Iranian oil imports.

Israel warns Hezbollah not to get involved in any conflict between Israel and the Iran, promising that damage from an Israeli retaliation will take Lebanon 10 years to fix.

Christian Science Monitor offers a “Where Do They Stand” feature on major Israeli figures in terms of war with Iran.

Rest O’ the Roundup

• Government approves new elections to be held on Sept. 4, 2012, a year ahead of schedule.

• Thousands join Muslim Brotherhood rallies in Jordan calling for an end to peace with Israel.

Most Jordanians consider the peace treaty with Israel a failure. Politicians and government officials in Jordan claim that Israel has not followed through with its obligations under the treaty, specifically regarding water sharing, Amman’s custodianship over holy sites in Jerusalem, and access to the Palestinian territories.

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