Israel Daily News Stream 05/08/2012

• Is the Arab Spring moving to Jordan? The Washington Post reports that small-scale civil protests are springing up against King Abdullah.

Amid the bloodshed in neighboring Syria and the drama of the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, the relatively low-key unrest simmering in Jordan has largely been ignored. Protests demanding political reforms, but not the fall of the monarchy, are small and generally well-behaved, and security forces have mostly refrained from using force to suppress them.

But the civility masks deep and growing tensions that call into question the stability of this strategically significant kingdom of 6 million people, a bedrock of U.S. influence in the region and Israel’s last reliable Arab ally since the fall of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak.

The Guardian looks at Arab attitudes towards Iran and a Western attack on the Islamic Republic.

• Iran is reportedly steamed about a decision by Google to leave the Persian Gulf nameless on it’s maps of the area due to pressure from Arab Gulf States who want it called the Arabian Gulf.

• Woman believed to be Iranian ex-pat in Europe has launched petition calling for the creators of the Israel Loves Iran campaign to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

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