Hezbollah Takes Heavy Losses in Qusayr

Qatar’s two-faced Israel policy

Over in Gaza, Hamas confiscated more than 100 rockets from the Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Four Brigadesniks were also arrested. The Jerusalem Post reports that Islamic Jihad is trying to mediate a resolution.

A Palestinian street vendor in Nablus tried to set in himself on fire. Not Israel’s fault, says Maan News:

Yaesh, the breadwinner for a family of 12, told Ma’an after the incident that he was desperate following the confiscation of his fruit stall by police.

For further commentary on the Mohammed Dura developments, see Haaretz and Professor Richard Landes‘ response, plus Jonathan Tobin. I also liked Amir Mizroch‘s take:

Amir Mizroch


Arab Spring Winter

Protesting Egyptian policemen continue to keep the Gaza border shut down after Bedouins kidnapped seven soldiers. According to the LA Times, Sinai Bedouins are demanding the release of fellow tribesmen, but Cairo’s refusing to negotiate. Al-Ahram analyzes the situation.

Shortly before this roundup went to press, Reuters reported that gunmen stormed a Sinai security base but retreated when soldiers returned fire.

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BBC picked up on the terrible trend of Sinai Bedouins kidnapping African refugees and holding them for ransom. The story of Philemon Semere, a recently freed Eritrean, is appalling.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Study finds Israel’s the world’s largest exporter of drones. Haaretz writes:

Over the last eight years Israel has exported $4.6 billion worth of unmanned aerial vehicles, according to a study by the business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

UAVs, or drones, constitute nearly 10 percent of Israel’s total military exports.

The National Post‘s George Jonas weighs in on terror.

Israel’s competing with Germany for a UN Security Council seat due to open in 2019.

Four killed as Beersheva bank robbery goes awry.

(Image of drone via Flickr/Israel Defense Forces)

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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