PA/Hamas Human Rights Abuses Rising

Arab Spring Winter

According to The Tower, Egypt’s security crackdown in the Sinai is being coordinated with Israel.

Can you imagine the headlines if Israel did this?


 Seven Egyptian security personnel abducted by Sinai jihadis were freed.

 The Washington Post updates what’s known about Iranians fighting in Syria for Assad.

 Germany backs terror label for Hezbollah

 A Daily Star staff-ed slams Hezbollah’s invovlement in Syria. And Max Boot calls on the US to make Hezbollah feel the pain.

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Rest O’ the Roundup

  The UN International Atomic Energy Agency is due to release its quarterly report. According to Reuters, the IAEA report “is expected to show Iran further increasing its capacity to produce material that its adversaries fear could eventually be put to developing atomic bombs.”

• The Jerusalem Post discovered from The Commentator that Saudi Arabia is blocking access to the paper’s web site.

 Globes on the people of the (Face)book:

Israel’s Facebook community numbers four million real users, who enter the social networking site at least once a month, and are not fake profiles. 60% of the Israeli users, 2.4 million people, enter Facebook daily, according to the company’s official figures.

Israel and India had a warm, fuzzy celebration of ties with the inauguration of a new consulate in Bangalore. It’s now the third Israeli mission in India.

Russia detains MK over visa confusion.

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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