Terrorist Appointed PA Adviser

Arab Spring Winter

Austria will pull its peacekeeping forces out of the Golan if Britain helps arm Syrian rebels. According to The Guardian, we’re talking about more than 300 personnel.

 Iranian Forces on the Golan?

Remember that Israeli jeep which Syrian soldiers claimed they captured in Qusair? Der Spiegel reports that it actually came from a Hezbollah museum.

International forces in Jordan drilling for possible intervention in Syria. YNet reports that the more than 15,000 soldiers from 18 countries participating will remain in Jordan afterwards “in case the need will arise to intervene in Syria.” No Israeli participation.

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Salim Idriss,  the top commander of the Syrian rebels, threw down the gauntlet to Hezbollah:

“. . . if Hezbollah’s attack against Syrian territories does not stop within 24 hours, then we will take all measures and reach Hezbollah even in hell,” Idriss told Al-Arabiya TV Tuesday.

For commentary/analysis on the Syrian situation, see Chemi Shalev, AP, Tariq AlhomayedTimes of London, Financial Times (via Google News) and a staff-ed in The Guardian.

  New efforts afoot to “regulate” the activities of non-governmental organizations in Egypt, reports McClatchy News:

Under the proposed law, the government would have a say over how NGOs operate internally, how they’re funded and how much foreign organizations could be involved in elections, according to a draft of the law that McClatchy reviewed.

(Image of Livni via YouTube/BestNewsChannel1

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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