US Leaks Details of Israeli Missile System

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1. Hashem Ibrahaim Hajaz, one of the terrorists released in the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap, is back to his old ways. The Times of Israel explains it all started when Israeli security arrested a Hamasnik from Ramallah by the name of Bahar Sa’ad. Sa’ad told his interrogators he was recruited by Hajaz to facilitate shooting and kidnapping attacks against Israelis. Hajaz currently lives in Qatar.

The Shin Bet emphasized that this incident is the latest in a series of Palestinians released in the Shalit deal returning to terrorist activities, and trying to free other militants.

Arrow anti-ballistic missile

An Arrow anti-ballistic missile test, 2004.

2. Who needs Bradley Manning when you have the US government leaking Israeli secrets?

The US government publicized classified information detailing the design and specifications of Israel’s Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system, including its location and the thickness of protected launch silos.

Details of the $25 million project were revealed in a tender for American defense contractors to build the installation. The tender contained over 1,500 pages of information, and included classified information such as diagrams . . .

The sensitive details about the project have since been removed from the website where the tender was published. The Israeli official would not say whether or not the plans had been modified as a result of the leak.

3. New US sanctions targeting Iran’s currency and automobile industry to take effect July 1. Details at the LA Times:

U.S. experts said the new sanctions are unlikely to affect Iran’s June 14 election, which is being contested by eight conservative candidates who were approved by the nation’s hard-line theocracy.

Obama administration officials say the latest sanctions are intended to narrow the choice for Iran’s ruling clerics: Abandon pursuit of a nuclear weapon or face economic collapse.

4. Anti-Israel Journalists Exposed: Vultures and Human Shields: A group of supposedly objective reporters and human rights advocates get together in a closed Facebook group to bash Israel while video footage shows how some journalists allow themselves to be used as “human shields” to protect Israel’s enemies.


Joe Hyams

Israel and the Palestinians

Israel HaYom: Jerusalem’s unmoved by threats of US disengagement from the peace process.

Ordinary Palestinians are apathetic about Rami Hamdallah’s appointment as Prime Minister, according to Haaretz. But the NY Times found more enthusiasm among West Bank elites.

Palestinian press freedom took a bizarre turn. According to the Jerusalem Post, George Canawati, director of Bethlehem Radio 2000, was arrested for reporting on a leaflet distributed by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, which is affiliated with Fatah. The leaflet attacked Bethlehem Mayor Vera Baboun.

Fatah later denied any link to the leaflet, saying it was a fabrication.

For commentary/analysis, Haaretz looks back on the Salam Fayyad era, the Christian Science Monitor asks if Hamdallah can fill Fayyad’s shoes, and Chemi Shalev reacts to John Kerry’s speech.

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