Israel Daily News Stream 06/05/2012

Iranian Atomic Urgency

The Washington Institute (pdf) assesses how Iran might respond to an Israeli attack.

Is Iran Building a Third Enrichment Plant?

Worth reading: A pair of Iranian ex-pats take to the Globe & Mail op-ed pages to explain “Iran’s calculus of terror.”

Arab Spring Winter

A Washington Post staff-ed takes a dim view of the Mubarak trial:

His trial was less a serious judicial exercise than a smokescreen thrown up by the military council that removed him from office. The generals who once reported to Mr. Mubarak now desperately seek to preserve their power, despite a promised transition to democracy, and to avoid being held accountable for their own crimes. Mr. Mubarak’s prosecution was meant to defuse the popular demand that the old regime be held accountable while obstructing it in every meaningful sense.

Rahim Elkishky (Al-Ahram) makes a compelling argument that “Islamists didn’t hijack the Egyptian revolution because liberals never had the numbers to carry it off.” Via Michael Totten.

Remember when terrorism was air travel’s biggest threat? This from the Daily Star:

A scuffle between Syrian air hostesses supporting their country’s government and those against it resulted in the delay of a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight to Dubai, a Saudi newspaper reported Monday.

For commentary/analysis of the Syrian situation, see Max Boot (LA Times) and Arnaud de Borchgrave (UPI).

Rest O’ the Roundup

As an Israeli, I’m disturbed by the firebombing of a home for African migrant workers. As a journalist, I’m disappointed in mistaken headlines in The Guardian and LA Times. Not all migrant workers are refugees.

Mark your calendars for October 6: That’s when a Turkish court will begin the Mavi Marmara trial. The four indicted Israelis — all high level IDF officers at the time of the raid — won’t be in Turkey any soon, so what’s the big deal? The NY Times writes:

Instead, the trial is likely to serve as an opportunity for the 490 people listed in the indictment as direct and indirect victims of the raid to air their grievances and their version of events in detail, and for Turkey to keep the issue in the spotlight as it presses Israel for an apology and compensation.

Israel plans to open one of the world’s largest “aircraft boneyards” in the Negev. By the numbers, we’re talking about storing 500 aircraft on a 650 acre site. Approximately 25 planes will be dismantled annually, creating 1,000 jobs. More at The Media Line.

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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