Israel Daily News Stream 06/07/2012

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast.

Former Knesset speaker supports Europe’s settlement labeling laws. The BBC’s accused of sensationalizing anti-Semitism. Will the UN give Iran a formal diplomatic role to resolve the Syrian uprising?

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Israel and the Palestinians

Former Knesset speakers are entitled to their views on settlement labeling laws. But Avraham Burg is Peter Beinart on steroids. He writes in The Independent:

I have decided to not buy any product that comes from the settlements. I do not cross the Green Line, not to promote public causes and not for family events. Because everything happening across the Green Line is the dark alter ego of Israel. Its hidden personality is manifest there. Evil, aggressive and impenetrable. This personality threatens to take over the good and humane parts of the legitimate Israel. With international help, we must return these demons to their bottles, or rather to those positive domains for which this state was established.

In related news: Neo-Nazis praise German mayor for Israel boycott

AP: Palestinians are pushing for the UN Security Council to visit the PA.

• After ordering Ulpana’s demolition, Israel gave a green light for 300 new homes in Beit El. The PA denounced the move, as did the US State Dept. It’s a familiar dance with the same quotes from the same players. Joe Federman’s AP dispatch practically wrote itself. See also Josh Mitnick’s analysis in the Christian Science Monitor.

Huffington Post published an excerpt from Jonathan Miller’s book, “The Liberal Case for Israel.”

Amnesty International’s report against Israel written by pro-Palestinian activists.

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